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Dear Parents

The Facilities Team have been working really hard all day to clear the main paths and roadways around school. We still intend to be open tomorrow and I'm grateful for all staff who have made this possible.

The forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning doesn't include snow, but it does predict very cold temperatures. Snow will inevitably turn to ice. Parents will need to exercise a lot of caution in dropping off children along roads that are close to the school site, particularly as the edges of local roads and pavements look to have been piled with snow as pathways have been cleared.

Similarly, although paths have been cleared and salt will be put down on the school site today, there is still plenty of snow around. Pupils should be very careful when moving around the site. I would be grateful to parents for stressing with their children the need to behave in a sensible manner when arriving at school tomorrow morning. Of course, staff will be on hand to remind them!

J. Slack


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